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Traffic Related Deaths And Serious Injuries In The City Of Philadelphia

Posted by Sandra Worthington | Sep 25, 2023

Have you ever heard of "Vision Zero"?  This is basically a strategy implemented by the City of Philadelphia to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries with increasing safety, health and mobility for all.  A lofty but admirable goal, right? A tool used by Vison Zero Philadelphia ( to determine the most dangerous areas is the High Injury Network. The High Injury Network shows that 80% of traffic deaths and serious injuries occurred on only 12% of the streets in Philadelphia. If you go to the Vision Zero site you can see the various streets in the city that make up the High Injury Network.  Notably, there are many accidents and injuries showing in the High Injury Network that are in the Chestnut Hill,  Mount Airy and Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods.  Some accidents resulting in death or serious injury occurred on Germantown Avenue, Stenton Avenue and Lincoln Drive. These accidents are comprised of vehiclular collisions, and pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists being hit by cars. The map contains data for the years 2014-2018 and I am sure it will be updated but it is a reminder that even if you are not in Center City Philadelphia, there are risks of accidents resulting in severe injury and death on City streets in the western and northern outskirts of the City.  Speed of vehicles is one factor cited in the injuries and deaths.  

Keep all of this in mind when driving, especially in the more densely populated parts of the city, but also in Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy and Northeast Philadelphia.  Warn your teens who are novice drivers to keep their speed at the speed limit and to be particularly vigilent in these areas.  Make your teens (or easily distractable adult family members) put a control on their cell phone to block incoming calls and texts while they are driving.

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