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Motorcycle Accidents:

In a motorcycle accident, injuries are nearly always severe or catastrophic. Unfortunately, injured motorcycle riders can also face the biases many people have against motorcyclists.

There are certain problems unique to both motorcycle and bicycle accidents. For example, car and truck drivers often overlook cyclists on roadways. Motorcycles and bikes are smaller than cars and drivers often fail to notice them.

Accidents can be caused by cars turning in front of a motorcyclist who has the right of way, or by not allowing enough road space for an unnoticed motorcycle. Whatever the case, our forensic experts can examine the scene and reconstruct the accident to prove liability.

In addition, witnesses often misjudge a motorcycle's speed. The sound of a motorcycle engine and the perception of speed can lead to estimates from fifty up to one hundred percent higher than reality. Let our experts use science and physical evidence to determine the facts.

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents can require extensive medical treatment. Multiple broken bones, road rash resulting in scarring, and surgeries are often involved in motorcycle and bike accidents, and extensive physical therapy may be required. Emotional injuries and life-changing catastrophic injuries such as closed-head injuries and traumatic brain injury often require a lifetime of medical care and attention.  You need a lawyer who will understand your medical issues and can argue for appropriate financial damages. We will hire experts to help you recover financial loss, project what your future medical needs will cost, as well as what you stand to lose in future income and benefits if you cannot return to work.

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