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Who is the best Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer to represent me for my accident on Skippack Pike in Whitemarsh Township?

Skippack Pike (Rt 73) in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is a very hazardous roadway many dangerous areas that lead to accidents.  For example, the intersection where Skippack Pike crosses Highland Avenue in Whitemarsh Township is a real problem.  People going 40-45 miles per hour heading east on Skippack Pike may find someone stopping suddenly at this intersection to make the difficult to see left hand turn onto Highland Avenue, especially at rush hour.  This must be a short cut to Germantown Academy and parent's and students are rushing to get to school or other areas near Fort Washington.  Worthington Law Group has represented many people who have been in accidents at that particular intersection and we know the layout and how these accidents occur.  Located close by in Flourtown, Worthington Law Group has offices in Fort Washington as well for your convenience.  With decades of experience in personal injury practice, we are particularly well prepared to represent people injured in accidents on Skippack Pike, Rte 309, Bethlehem Pike and Joshua Road.  Sandra Worthington, Esq. has complete familiarity with the intersections and the way these accidents happen due, in part, to high speed of drivers and poorly marked intersections without traffic lights.  Call Sandra Worthington at 215-576-5150 for an in depth evaluation of your injury case.  We provide a free confidential consultation and free materials and books to help you understand the process of exactly how a personal injury case should be handled for the best possible outcome for the injured party.


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