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Slips/Trips /Falls

The failure by a homeowner, business owner or even the government to maintain premises can lead to serious injury or even death. If you or someone you know has received an injury due to a slip or trip and fall resulting from the negligence or recklessness of a property owner, call us now.

When a property owner fails to provide safe premises, our firm can help you to determine who is legally responsible and to make a demand for compensation for any resulting injuries.

If you receive an injury in a slip or trip and fall accident due to a slippery substance on the floor of a store aisle, or a “flat,” or “dolly” left in an aisle, we will look at all available evidence to determine if the owner was negligent.

If your injuries are due to poor lighting and an uneven surface on a sidewalk or in a parking lot, we will obtain photographs, measurements and, if need be, an expert or engineer to evaluate the condition to determine whether or not you have a claim. We will listen and assess your claim to better make recommendations to you.

Homeowners can be responsible for accidents caused by negligence, such as failure to properly install or maintain steps or banisters.  If a delivery person receives an injury due to the failure of a homeowner to fix a broken stair, the homeowner may very well be liable.

Call us now to find out if you have a case. We want to help you at the earliest possible stage after your accident to make sure all evidence is gathered and not destroyed or “lost” by responsible parties. Don't assume that all your of activities in a store are caught on surveillance film or that the store will preserve footage which could be damaging to them!


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