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Automobile Accidents:

A car accident with serious injuries can create a great many complications. You do not need the worry and confusion of dealing with an insurance company, doctor, and hospital billing offices and others. There is an immediate need to get appropriate medical attention and to begin the healing process. The injured person and family members need to deal with work, school, and other obligations requiring their attention.

Talking to an insurance adjuster can hurt your claim. The adjuster is on the side of the insurance company. The insurance company has a team of lawyers assisting him or her to help the company save money.

Your lawyer will be on YOUR side.

Our law firm will review your insurance coverage as well as that of the other drivers involved in the car wreck. You may find out that one or more of the drivers have little or NO insurance. We will determine whether there is uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage which will assist you to get the financial recovery you need!

We will review police reports and hire any necessary experts to determine fault. If defective auto parts or repairs have caused the accident, we will investigate and determine whether a lawsuit should be filed against the manufacturer or the repair garage.

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