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Do I need a lawyer in my PA accident case?

Insurance companies are in business to make money – not to pay out claims to victims of accidents. Their chief goal is to maximize profits. Insurance adjusters are trained to settle your injury claim for the lowest possible amount. Most injury victims have no idea of the value of their claim and so they may agree to a low settlement amount offered by the insurance company.  Most people are unaware that if they choose to try to fumble their way through representing themselves in an accident case without a lawyer, the insurance company will discount the amount they pay by basically shaving off what the lawyer's fee would have been.  Therefore, if you represent yourself you will never do better than you would if you had an experienced personal injury lawyer represent you but you will have done all of the work and had all of the headache.  In addition, assuming you are not a lawyer, you are likely to make a critical mistake in your case which could cause you to lose or could result in a lawsuit against you for unpaid medical bills or liens from Medicare, Medicaid or your health insurer.  If you have a highly experienced and trained personal injury lawyer working for you, you can prevent these problem, maximize your compensation and get what you deserve.  If your case is very small (i.e. worth under $1000) you may be able to represent yourself but you should still speak to an experienced lawyer about it to make sure you are considering all factors.  A consultation with a personal injury lawyer is free so you have nothing to lose by speaking to one.

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