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Runner Attacked By Leashed Dog On Public Running Trail

July 2023

Our client was a devout runner on a public trail.  He was running on a beautiful day past people walking on the trail with two leashed dogs. One dog was an aggressive german shepherd, the other a small terrier mix.  Suddenly and without warning, as our client got about one or two feet past the dogs, the terrier mix lunged forward and latched onto our client's calf.  Our client stopped in his tracks in pain.  The dog owners did not apologize or offer assistance.  Our client requested contact information.  The dog owners provided a name, telephone number and address.  Later, it turned out the defendant dog owners tried to ghost our client, not responding to his efforts to contact them.  All our client really wanted was reimbursement for his Urgent Care bill and perhaps a little empathy.  Like many owners of attacking dogs, these people offered neither.  The client contacted me more out of principal than financial need.  We commenced working on his case and guess what?  This dog had bitten twice before-an important fact in these cases.  The owners had "bribed" past victims with gift certificates and they did not want to get involved.  They didn't have to-we had department of health info confirming one of the prior bites.  That was all we needed.  We obtained substantial compensation for pain and suffering for our client.  He felt vindicated and well-compensated for the incident.  Our sources confirmed the dog owners' insurance company canceled their policy, making it almost impossible for them to get new insurance.  They won't be walking these dogs on that trail anymore.  

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