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The Morgan and Morgan Dilemma

Posted by Sandra Worthington | Aug 27, 2023

Local billboards and TV are plastered with ads for Morgan and Morgan.  If they have all those ads flooding the market, they must be really good lawyers, right?  Well guess what?  Their lawyers are mostly out of state and were initially not even licensed to practice in PA.  Morgan and Morgan started advertising in the Philadelphia area in 2016 and operated like a humongous referral machine, using their huge advertising bucks (currently something like $186,000,000) to reel in cases from Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and the surrounding areas to then REFER THE CASES back to PA lawyers.  Why would they bother to do that? It's simple:  MONEY.  They get a referral fee on every case they refer to PA lawyers.  How can they do that?  Is it legal?  Well, there is some pretty noteworthy litigation by a local lawyer against them for masquerading as a PA law firm when they, as of 2016, only had one attorney in Philadelphia who was actually licensed in PA to practice law.   This PA lawyer was not a personal injury lawyer but got Morgan's foot in the door to create a huge referral business.   How did this work at the beginning of the Morgan invasion of PA?   Morgan reeled in calls from injured people, barely screening a prospective client's situation then sending the person out to another firm, presumably experienced in handling PA personal injury cases. They collected a sometimes huge referral fee for doing nothing except hooking up an injured person to a local PA firm that may or may not be high quality.   Yet Morgan was getting paid a LOT of money doing this.  This is a volume business and if it didn't pay off in a big way, they wouldn't bother with it.  Well, now Morgan and Morgan has seen the weakness of this approach and has spent a lot of time and money reeling in some local lawyers to work for them in Philadelphia, but will you be happy with them?  If you even get to speak with a lawyer at all, I doubt it.

How does this affect prospective clients?  Well, in essence, they have been misled into believing that a monstrous, apparently successful PA law firm is representing them but actually it is a huge Florida firm that is trying to tack on branch offices across the country to troll for injury cases.

It seems that folks in other states where Morgan has infiltrated with their scheme have not all been happy with the results.  A billboard in Florida was vandalized with graffiti blocking out John Morgan's eyes with green paint,  and changing the wording of the ad from "America's largest injury law firm for the People" to read "America's largest injury law firm for the MONEY".   The presumed graffiti artist painted a large green money bag on the ad.  You can Google the firm and its reviews and find countless examples of this type of graffiti in many geographic areas.  But wait- this wasn't a graffiti artist or vandal at all-it was a marketing ploy by Morgan and Morgan to gather more attention to its billboards.  They have done this through many states and some of the billboards are different forms of “vandalism” but some are just variations on the theme.

 John Morgan was interviewed by Victor Fiorillo of Philadelphia Magazine on November 21, 2022. The interview is easily found online.  In the interview, a very profane John Morgan is asked about his billboards.  His comment about the Jawn Morgan billboard and the apparently vandalized billboards (peppered with the f-word)  makes it clear-he's just trying to get attention, whether good or bad.  You might think he is a master marketer or you might think he is a master manipulator.  And now, Morgan and Morgan has hired a group of lawyers for its Philadelphia office but how happy are their clients with them?  If you look at the alleged client reviews on their own website (which they control) they look like stars.  If you read about them elsewhere, such as on Google and the BBB, meh, not so much.  Horrible reviews about having a case accepted, then never speaking to an actual lawyer, signing up, then getting a letter from a “case manager” (not a lawyer) saying their case is being dropped….is this how you want to be treated?  When you are represented by Morgan and Morgan in Philadelphia, you are on an enormous conveyer belt of injury cases drawn in by multi-million dollar manipulative billboards and ads.  Only the biggest cases get any attention at all.  Why?  This is where Morgan's contingent fee is largest.  It seems unlikely you will ever speak to your Morgan and Morgan lawyer unless you have been catastrophically injured and by no fault of your own.  Otherwise, you are “handled” by a case manager.  You may have your case accepted, sign a fee agreement, then have the case dropped via an impersonal letter without your ever having spoken to your lawyer at Morgan and Morgan.  Is that what you and your case deserve?  Of course not!  You deserve an experienced local lawyer who is well-connected and seasoned in this jurisdiction.  You deserve a lawyer who communicates with you and cares about your case.  You need a lawyer who cares about how the accident you have suffered has wrecked your life or kept you away from your work and recreational activities.  You need a lawyer who cares about you, your family and your case.

Philadelphia and the surrounding counties have exceptionally qualified, experienced lawyers and bar associations with high quality referral services which are legitimate.  There are also helpful services like and, which do charge lawyers who advertise on them but offer a wonderful free service to assist a person in finding the right lawyer for them.  On these sites an injured person can read prior client reviews and attorney endorsements to help them choose a lawyer they feel will best represent them.  Why would you choose Morgan and Morgan over PA's best?  There is no good reason unless you want to fill Morgan and Morgan's coffers for possibly doing little or nothing on your case.  But you need to know, you aren't going to get grandfatherly, white haired “Jawn” Morgan in the ads unless your accident or the at fault party is in Florida.  To find out what you will really get, go to the BBB website and just type in “Morgan and Morgan”.  I doubt you will hire them after reading some of the complaints and Morgan's replies to these accident victims.

Call Sandra Worthington at Worthington Law Group for a free, no-strings attached consultation about your PA injury case.  You will speak to a PA lawyer with three decades of experience in PA law.  Read our reviews on Google and  Whether your case involves a car accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle collision, dog attack or other premises liability matter, your PA accident case is too important to trust Morgan and Morgan.  

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