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Accidents On Ice In Philadelphia

Posted by Sandra Worthington | Dec 16, 2022

We are now into serious winter weather and may suddenly be faced with driving on ice and snow again.  Driving on ice, in particular, requires a "particular set of skills".  In all honesty, it is something people usually don't do well or safely without practice.  New drivers are most prone to make mistakes although appropriate driver reaction to hitting a patch of ice is not intuitive at all even for seasoned drivers.  For example, steering INTO the skid is not something a driver would instinctively do if there is a major obstacle (think tractor-trailer) is in the path.  Nevertheless, if you have enough distance, it is the best move for regaining control of your car.  If you have not left sufficient distance all I can say is good luck.  

All of the above leads me to encourage people to PRACTICE driving on ice in a large unoccupied parking lot of an office complex on a weekend when no other vehicles are in the lot.  Get used to the feel of losing control on ice and practice regaining it.  All it takes is one patch of ice right before a traffic light to cause a chain reaction collision. No doubt you have heard of those horrific chain reaction collsions on the PA turnpike and elsewhere in which sometimes 25-50 vehicles are involved.  Well, those often start with one vehicle going too fast for conditions and slamming into a car in a long line of traffic in which all the vehicles are stopped.  

Obviously, we all want to avoid this situation and have our inexperienced teen drivers know EXACTLY how to drive in icy conditions.

Please practice driving on ice and prevent accidents this winter.  If you should have an accident on ice or snow, call Worthington Law Group for an immediate consultation -do not give statements or sign anything for the insurance adjusters until you have spoken to Sandra Worthington, Esq. who has three decades of experience and will steer you in the right direction on your claim.

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