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Postal Carrier Repeatedly Attacked By German Shepherd On His Route

November 2013

Client/courier suffers multiple different dog attacks by the same German Shepherd in Montgomery County:

postal carrier was repeatedly attacked by the same dog which was being set loose by the owner because he did not like carrier's ethnicity. The carrier was injured on three separate occasions by this vicious dog, traumatizing the carrier and causing him some minor scarring from the puncture wounds on his legs. Just when he would look down to try to sort his deliveries, the dog owner would watch him from the door and let the dog out.  Before he knew it, the dog would be lunging and biting our client, even though he would try to jump into his truck to avoid the attacks.  We made the dog owner's insurance company compensate him with a five-figure settlement, reflecting the pain and suffering of the carrier and, in addition, criminal charges were brought against the dog owner.  Furthermore, we made sure the carrier got the psychological and medical help he needed to recover from these attacks.  We had him request that the post office move him to a different neighborhood to help him recover emotionally as well.  They accommodated the request and also flagged the homeowner/dog owner's home to warn future postal delivery people about the dog.  

There are many, many cases in which our office have obtained high dollar figure settlements, verdicts and arbitration awards for personal injuries including car accidents and dog bite attacks. What matters most are the steps you should be taking right now to make sure you are protecting your rights!

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