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November 2015

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Client/courier suffers multiple different dog attacks by the same german shepherd in Montgomery County:

postal carrier was repeatedly attacked by the same dog which was being set loose by the owner because he did not like carrier's ethnicity. The carrier was injured on three separate occasions by this vicious dog, traumatizing the carrier and causing him scarring from the puncture wounds on his legs. We made the insurance company compensate him with a five-figure settlement, reflecting the pain and suffering of the carrier and, in addition, criminal charges were brought against the dog owner for the intentional attacks. Furthermore, we made sure the carrier got the psychological and medical help he needed to recover from these attacks.

In another case, a woman was changing her baby's diaper on a rug on the floor of a close friend's home. Suddenly, a small dog broke down a baby gate which had been restraining him in a bedroom, and he rushed out and attacked the child. He would not release his bite, leaving lacerations and puncture wounds which consequently became infected. The insurance company tried to argue that the mother was at fault because she knew the dog was aggressive. They called the mother and emailed her, trying to get her to accept a dollar figure which was far below the value of the injuries. Under financial strain, the mother was about to sign a release for about $7,000. She came to her senses and called our office for legal advice before signing. As it turned out, if she had signed and the Court had approved the settlement, most of that money would have gone to reimburse the health insurance carrier which had paid the medical bills for the child. However, the adjuster chose not to tell the mother this “little” fact. The child would have received almost nothing if the mother had signed. After we took the case, we not only repaid the lien to the health insurance carrier, but put a high, five-figure settlement in the bank in trust for the child. Thankfully, the scars healed quite well and plastic surgery wasn't immediately necessary. She will not only be able to get scar revision surgery after she is 18 if she so desires, but will also have money for college.

In another case, a middle-aged woman was attacked and bitten on the backs of her legs by a neighbor's dog while the two neighbors were chatting near the property line. The bite victim's wounds became infected, and she developed a form of blood poisoning which could have been fatal. The owner of the attacking dog “disappeared” and left no forwarding address, nor her insurance information, but we found her and located insurance to cover the medical treatment and injuries. Another law office found this case too challenging and refused to represent the victim. She came to us and we took the case, winning close to a six figure settlement for her. She was elated and has referred several other clients to us.

There are many, many cases in which our office have obtained high dollar figure settlements, verdicts and arbitration awards for personal injuries including car accidents and dog bite attacks. What matters most are the steps you should be taking right now to make sure you are protecting your rights!

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