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    Posted by Matthew


    Sandy Worthington has been my Attorney for over 20 years. She has been successful in every instance that I needed her help, which has been more times than I ever imagined it would be.

    The first time I met her was during my divorce and child custody case in the early 1990's. I believe that was the last divorce she handled so please don't contact her for that, although I am certain she would recommend someone good to anyone who asked. During that time we had 3 mediation hearings for support and custody of my son. She was 3 for 3, our side winning every time. Back then, as it is even today, a Dad usually is at a disadvantage during a child custody case.

    A few years later I remarried and my wife was killed in a traffic accident. On that terrible morning, after I spoke to my wife's daughter, Sandy was the next phone call I made. That is how high I value her guidance, advice and knowledge. Even though she had nothing to do with the DA's case against the woman charged with killing my wife, Sandy came to the Courthouse every day to be with me as we watched the trial. Sandy must have heard something that a lot of people missed. After the trial concluded, Sandy recommended that we hire an Accident Reconstruction Specialist to find out what really happened. She discovered the facts that caused the accident and she went after the people and company that was responsible. Once again, at every opportunity, she made the right moves and was successful in our negotiations. Over that time, I probably spoke to her hundreds of times in person and on the phone. Every single time we talked I know more, felt better and had a greater understanding of what was going on in the process.

    Probably the highest compliment I can pay to her, is whenever I hear people speaking about an attorney or their attorney, it's not always in a positive manner. In those instances I always say, "you must have the wrong attorney. I love my Attorney. Her name is Sandy Worthington and you need to call her."


– Matt of Bucks County


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