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Our hard work on our clients' behalf has brought them millions of dollars in settlements. Money they deserved for the injury they sustained. If you've had an injury and are considering your options, you owe it to yourself to call us today to discuss your case. This consultation will cost you nothing. But it might lead to your getting the satisfaction you deserve.

Here's what we have done for people like you:

1. One of our clients gave information to her insurance company's adjusters before she had a chance to really discover the full scope of her injuries from her severe auto accident. While she believed only her kneecap was injured, it turned out that in the accident her face had hit the dashboard (no airbags) and she had a fractured jaw — requiring 2 subsequent rounds of surgery. The insurance companies refused to pay since she had not disclosed it immediately.

After she chose us to work on her behalf, It took us nearly 4 years to fight, prove and win a substantial settlement for this woman. We believe the case would have resolved far faster and for a higher figure if she had called us and we had been able to intervene immediately after the accident — but the bottom line is, she received payment in the long run to help compensate for her injuries.

2. We were called to represent a woman who had slipped and fallen outside a mini-mart on black ice. She broke her leg in two places and was unable to perform her work as a laundress because she could not stand for months after the accident. Her medical bills were in excess of $10,000 and no doctor would perform needed surgery on her because she had no health insurance.
Fortunately, she called us for help immediately after she had fallen! It turned out that the market had $10,000 insurance available to assist her in paying her bills. (Needless to say, the insurance adjuster for the market did not inform this woman of the coverage), and we made them pay every cent toward her medical bills. We also won a subtantial settlement for her for pain and suffering, including payment of lost wages. In addition, we protected her credit and won a hefty settlement for her which was tax free.

3. A courier service delivery man called us after he was repeatedly attacked and bitten on the legs by the same large dog. He believed the dog had been intentionally released by the owner because the dog owner had a prejudice against his ethnic group. When he requested us to represent him, we fought the dog owner's insurance company and they were forced to pay a generous sum in pain and suffering to this man. In addition, criminal charges were filed against the dog owner — and the attacks are now a matter of public record, which we hope will protect others from similar attacks.

The moral of these stories: Call us sooner rather than later, so we can maximize your recovery!

The insurance company will have a lawyer ... So should you! Call us at (215) 576-5150.

"Your expertise, competency and time spent on my case along with honest straightforward answers to my questions made me feel comfortable and confident in your abilities. Your prompt, personal responses to my calls and letters shwoed a high level of commitment and concern for my best interests. Your outstanding professional attitude, high level of integrity and just as importantly, your caring manner, made me feel respected as a person and not merely as a client."
— Mrs. Nancy A

We offer a FREE, no-pressure consultation for all injury and accident cases including auto accidents. If we can help you in any way, do not hesitate to call for a consultation regarding your case.

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