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Premises Liability is a huge area of law which falls under the category of Personal Injury.  If you have been injured while on another person's property, due to the negligence of the owner or property manager, you may have a premises liability case. 

Slips, trips and falls and dog bite injuries are technically under the category of premises liability law, but so are many other types of injuries not mentioned under those categories on our site. 

Under the law, grocery stores must clean up spills quickly, commercial buildings must fix stairs and railings that are damaged or defective, and shopping malls must provide adequate security for customers.

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their buildings and surrounding premises in reasonably safe condition.  If you are injured in an unsafe building or structure, you deserve to be compensated for the damage done to you. Similarly, if you are attacked because of negligent security in a building or parking garage, you may be entitled to receive monetary damages.

Improperly stacked inventory or boxes of products may fall and injure a customer.  This type of incident frequently occurs in the large department stores and home improvement stores, but also in food markets.

If you have been injured because of the carelessness, negligence or recklessness of a property owner or manager, call us for a consultation before you speak to a claims adjuster or give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

We get countless calls from honest people who are injured as a result of this type of incident and try to settle directly with the insurance company, expecting fair treatment. Don't hold your breath!  Envision the claims adjusters "slapping high fives" when you succumb to this request. Usually, the insurance adjuster will take a statement attempting to gain information to assist in defending the property owner.  Often, the questions they ask you will be designed to elicit information which will help them to pay you little or nothing for your injuries.  Many times, clients tell us that the adjuster promised if they gave a statement, all their medical bills would be paid.  This is rarely, if ever, the truth, until an attorney gets involved.

Premises liability cases are especially challenging and often complicated to prove.  Medical expenses incurred because of the injuries may be substantial, depending upon the seriousness of the injury.  When the accident victim has no health insurance, the medical bills can cause financial catastrophe and bankruptcy.  For successful legal representation, it is imperative that there is a thorough understanding of the constantly changing and information-specific laws regarding the various and numerous incidents that result in premises liability. 

You need the representation of an experienced, aggressive lawyer who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Let Worthington Law Group investigate your injury claim.  We understand the dynamics of premises liability claims and will seek out the party responsible for the inattention that brought about your injury or suffering.  We will utilize our hand-picked list of experts to help nail down the liable parties and get you the compensation you deserve! 

We offer a FREE, no-pressure consultation for all injury and accident cases. If we can help you in any way, do not hesitate to call for a consultation regarding your case.

The Worthington Law Group is here to help you.

The insurance company will have a lawyer ... So should you! Call us at (215) 576-5150.

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