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The Pennsylvania
Dog Bite Book:
7 Costly Mistakes That
Could Wreck our Dog Bite Case
If you have suffered a dog bite, you need information. We wrote the Pennsylvania Dog Bite Book to help you to understand the secrets insurance companies don't want you to know.

Insurance company adjustors handle thousands of claims a year with one goal in mind-settling them as cheaply as they can, even if you're not fairly compensated. Insurance adjustors settle injury claims for a living.

They are rewarded by their employers when they shortchange a dog bite victim by paying as little as possible. To make this process even less fair to the victim, the insurance company has a lawyer who consults with the adjustor to minimize your financial recovery. You can even the playing field by ordering this FREE book.

This book will help you answer the following questions:
  • How will I pay for my medical bills? Do I have to use my own insurance? What if I don't have any health insurance?
  • Will I get fairly compensated for the pain I have experienced?
  • Should I talk to the dog owner's insurance adjuster?
  • How long will my case take?
  • What will an attorney do for me?
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The Pennsylvania Dog Bite Book, 7 Costly Mistakes That Could Wreck our Dog Bite Case.

Book free for PA residents only
The PA Dog Bitebook is available by US mail or by immediate download and
is not available to insurance company employees or adjusters.



No cost-no obligation.

Dog bite attack cases often pose an emotional dilemma. Most incidents occur within the victim’s neighborhood and sometimes at the residence of a friend or family member. How do you proceed without turning your case into a public nightmare?

Worthington Law Group has been answering these tough questions for over a decade. We understand the situation you’re in, and the emotions you’re feeling... and we know how the law protects you. We’ll also NEVER rush you into any decision.

Let our experience guide you. Call now for a FREE, confidential consultation over the phone, at your home, or in our office. We’re here to help without any pressure or obligation.

The insurance company will have a lawyer ... You need one too! Call us at (215) 576-5150.

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